Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn!

I hope you were able to listen and or watch the webcast yesterday with John Maxwell, Nick Vuijicic & Dave Ramsey.  It was a great 90 minutes of learning, laughter and masterful delivery that only John can do.

If you want to watch it again or watch it for the first time you can go here to register:

We’ve all been there;  in the moment of what we think will be a great triumph or wonderful success and we are feeling really great about ourselves and then it happens, we plummet and fall flat on our face.  No one is immune from this situation.  It is what we do with this moment that is the real learning; it is what we do next; that is where the greatest learning takes place.

When and where has your greatest learning taken place?

Now if you enjoyed that 90 minutes, you can continue to learn and extend your own journey with me.   As John and Paul Martinelli mentioned on the webcast, the team of coaches at John Maxwell will be starting the next set of MasterMind groups on this new book and with it John’s new assessment.  You may sign up right now!

This MasterMind is virtual.  It will begin on Wednesday November 6th and run for 6 weeks until December 11th.  Each MasterMind will last 90 minutes.  The cost is $500.  This includes the Maxwell Leadership Assessment, debrief, the book: Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn and the PDF study guide!

To signup today, simply send an email to:

In the subject header write:  SYWSYL MasterMind

We will get you signed up right away.  Do it today so you can get your book and get started!



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