Social Relationships: What do you believe?

Relationships is another very important life area that we live with daily.  At our core we are relational beings.   We get lonely.  We need human interaction from time to time in order to feel.   This specific designation within relationships is very important.  It is one half of our personal relationship.  The other half is our intimate relationships.

Today let’s talk about or “Social Relationships”.  What does that mean to you?  For most of us these are the people that we know a little more about than say our dentist or our someone in our professional association.  We know personal things about them, but not too much like a close friend.  Maybe we meet up after work or we might go to a social activity with them.

What do you believe about your own social relationships?

Why do you hold that belief?

What do think is important about having a belief about your social relationships?

Where did you learn this belief?

Maybe when you were an impressionable age your parents told you who was someone you could socialize with and those who were not appropriate for you.   I’m sure you did, many of us had our minds made up for us by wiser more prevailing minds who also held the curfew over our heads if we did not comply.  When you were old enough and “out from under”, did you run over there and taste those forbidden waters just to see if what you were told was true?

You’re not alone.  I’m betting that most of us do to some extent, but in the end we all have to decide for ourselves as adults what we belief about this area of our lives and how we will conduct ourselves in our own self interest and self preservation.  I remember when this was hammered home for me, I was in my 30’s and someone I thought was a social friend, turned on me, my family and created havoc for years and then suddenly just disappeared.  I was left wondering what happened to that person.  How could like have been so bad for them that they had to ruin the lives of many others and then disappear?  I do not have the answer to that this question to this day, but I do have a belief now about my social relationships that until that time in my life I had not formed as an adult.  I have honed it over the years and I can say it has never failed me yet.

What about you?  Think about this one.

Let me know what you come up with.



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