Sleepwalking Through Your Life

Recently, I was going to an event and I was participating in car audio university learning.   I had my most recent learning audio in the CD player and as I was listening, I became aware that the drive was seemingly much shorter than the two hours of torment that it usually takes.   We’ve all experienced this, we get wrapped up in our thoughts or listening to music and we are what appears to be where we are going and we don’t remember the drive.  We were not asleep we were somewhere else in our thoughts, mostly due to the fact that we have traveled this road so many times it’s routine.

Many of us live life this way, as if we are just sleepwalking through it.   We have become so accustom to using our default (or our sleepwalking) behavior in our decision making that our brain is turned off.  It’s as if we no longer want to even take on the enormous thought of processing the information and making a conscientious choice any more because it is just too much trouble.  We have to exhort too much energy and frankly we just don’t think that this small decision will impact us;  in fact we just want to get it over with and move on.

This is the majority mindset of most people today.    It’s Sunday, what do you normally do?    I know you have an immediate answer, because you are sleepwalking through your life.   It’s Monday night, what do you normally do?   That’s right and how long have you been doing that same thing?   TGIF, and what do you normally do?  How long?    Where do you get your morning coffee or what do you do for lunch?  How often to you look at your social media sites during a day.    Sleepwalking.

One day you are going to wake up and find yourself bored, fat, dissatisfied with your life and not where you want to be and wonder what happened.

It all happened while you were sleepwalking the years away in your life.   It was every one of those very small decisions made with no thought to just get it done and to get on with your life.   Well, now you’ve gotten on and where are you?

What would happen if you changed just one of those sleepwalking habits?  I can guarantee you, if you do it for 21 days, you will feel and be different, in 18 months you will be an entirely different person and in a decade you won’t recognize yourself.    If you do nothing to more even on degree in a new direction you will feel bad about yourself in 21 day, in 18 months you will be an entirely different person and in a decade you will not know who is looking at you in the mirror.

Wake Up!



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