Singleness of Purpose

Let me ask you a question; are you scattered or are you focused.  To be honest there are times when I am in “total meltdown”.  I am willing to admit that I am 100% pure human and I can be taken downstream and over the edge just like any of you reading this post today.  What happens to us?  What is the exact moment of “going over the edge”?  Is it one small thing?  Is it many small things?   One huge thing?  Many large things? 

Well, the answer is yes all of those and no none of those.  We are each very different and where ever our strength and concentration level finds us is where we will be on this scale of “meltdown” or “overwhelm”.  What would happen if we knew what the “last straw” actually was so when we see it running towards us we could gather all our defenses and protect ourselves?  What if we could just see that “last straw” coming and turn on our heel and walk away from it?

Wouldn’t that be great!?

What do you do when you feel yourself going over the edge, about to explode like a volcano or whatever the visual is for you?

I reach out for help!   Let’s say that we have a technology breakdown.  I call those who are my support team and yell:  “Woman and technology overboard”   send “HELP”!  I must admit, I go over the edge with worry about all the down and precious thought time which is languishing on the sidelines due to my own meltdown.  I also pop gum in my mouth and chew furiously and then promptly bite my cheek and I have something other than technology to worry about.

What you just read was a very poor example of what “Singleness of Purpose” looks and sounds like!  So let’s turn that around and model what it should look like when we master this skill of “Singleness of Purpose”.

We have the same scenario.  Let’s say we have a “technology” issue at work.  We have many deadlines to meet, meetings and emails to reply to and other work to be completed on our Excel Spreadsheet, Word and so on.  The “technology” glitch hits.  What is your “how we do it protocol for technology melt down in XYZ Company”?  Knowing that you can effectively tell whomever is in charge of “technology” to correct your issue is the first step.  What’s next?  You find another computer to access your work from and work until your station is up and running again.  What else can you do?  Yes, you can pickup the phone and call or answer items in this other manner in order to stay connected and look professional.  What can you do about the negative emotions and energy that you have?  If you have read these posts before you know that you are 100% responsible for your choices and how you react to the events that come across your path each day.  So you can tell yourself; there will be times when technology will be an issue for me, my business and my company.  We and I have protocol steps in place and this is a huge stress reliever for me, because I do not have to find the “cure” for the technology issue.  I call “my technology people” and they work on the things that they do best.  I always have other projects and items that I can attend to while my immediate challenges are being taken care of.  I am confident that those for whom this is their area of play can correct things and I can concentrate on the things that I have my strengths in for now.

Do yo see how different those two scenarios are?  Which one do you think has the less stress attached to it?  Which one would you rather be in the midst of?

When we stay focused with a singleness of purpose toward the bigger picture we always stay out of the stressors in life.