Sick and Learning So Much!

It seems every time I get on a plane and fly somewhere, I come home am I have some virus that I caught while out traveling.  This past month seems to be no exception, only this time I just wasn’t sick I was really sick and down in bed for two weeks.  When I finally dragged myself to my doctor after having tried all the over the counter remedies I could buy, he asked me: “….why did you wait so long…”?  So long indeed!  Okay so he loaded me up with medication and I am about 75% back to normal.

What I have learned in this two week period of being confined to my bed unable to lift my head off the pillow and coughing my head off is that I have recorded so amazing learning on my television.   As I have laid there day after day, I would watch a show or two I had recorded.   Perhaps I was in that twilight state and or the information hit me a the right time, and or maybe I was hearing something again for the first time with new ears.  Has that ever happened to you?  You know stuff and you teach it and say it all the time, but in that special moment when the information is presented by someone new, you hear and see a whole new use for it.  Well, that’s what has happened to me of late.

I have a whole new appreciation for some of the simple principles that I take for granted that every one knows.  As I was watching the audience in this one program I was watching, their eyes were wide, like they had never heard the information being given and discussed.  I find this to quite often be the case with clients.   When I bring their attention back to some basics and pare down what they are making way too complicated and they begin to weave a “story” around whatever they are struggling with, their eyes widen and it is as if they are hearing information for the first time.

So, today I am going to talk about our “agreements”.   In other words those stories we concoct to make whatever didn’t turn out the way we wanted seem okay.

Hey, no push back here.  EVERYONE does this.  NO ONE is immune.   It is human nature not to want to appear dumb, unprepared, unsuccessful, and a million other adverbs we can think up.

Our stories serve us.   They provide a nice wall for us to peak out from behind and to dodge the flaming arrows of our perceived enemies.  These stories stop anyone who is going to pry dead in their tracts.  Why do they stop?  We are masters at story weaving and story telling.  After we have told our story a million times, even we begin to believe things happened the way we tell our story.

Stop and think about “Your Story” you told just today.

What was it?

What really happened?

No one may ever know the real truth about what happened, but YOU WILL!

And your knowing will eat you up alive from the inside out.

I challenge you to stop making up the story and just say what happened and be done with the whole mess.

You body will thank you!