Shooting Stars

On any given night a person may look up into the night sky and see what is referred to as a "shooting star".  You of course know that it is a piece of something from space burning up in the atmosphere of earth and as it descends and burns up, to us it appears as a shooting star across the night sky.

People are the same way.  We are launched into our lives by our parents and educational institutions.  We live our lives and then like the shooting star are gone.

So, in effect, NOW is your BURN TIME.  You are currently streaking through the sky of life and you are aglow with knowledge and skills.  How are you burning?  Brightly?  Dimly? Are you a person who is really out there in your community, school, political party, church, or other religious organization, charity group or something else that you can add value to?  Then you are adding value and burning brightly lifting up others!

In your own career, where are you adding great value?  In your relationships, where are you lifting those you love up with words and support for their own strengths?  Burning brightly means, playing full out.  Each one of us can burn as brightly as we want to burn. 

You may be on the other side of this brightness….over there in the corner hiding in the shadows hoping not to have the spotlight find us.  To what end? 

We each have valuable contributions to share and teach to others.  There is something that only you know how to do very well.  What is that one thing that you do well.  You may take that "thing" for granted and think; "…oh….everybody can do that…."  You might be surprised. 

Teach that one thing today to another human being and see what happens. 

Who taught you to tie your shoes?  Simple, yet you did not know how to do it until someone taught you.  And yet everybody knows how to do it….right? 

When we teach something that we know to another person in a calm, yet enthusiastic voice, we come along beside them, we show how;  we "honor"
 the lesson, the person, our time, their time and the idea of teaching. 

Look up into the night sky tonight and see if you see any blazing stars shooting across the sky.  Envision yourself as a shooting star!