SHIFT “Changing One’s Direction & Focus”

What does it mean to “SHIFT”?  Shift isn’t a word we use very often in our writing or our speech today.  So let’s turn to using an old school book “The Synonym Finder” to find out what shifting is all about.  Shift is a verb which means it involves “action” and in order to act one must change direction, move from here to there, and to manage yourself.  If you were driving a stick shift car, you would be changing gears.  In order to shift, you must make a change in your life. This is what we are going to explore for the next few months.  Where do we start?  An obvious place for me is to look at the wheel of life, or the segments that we determine are the most important to us.

Look at the image below.  The shaded area is the 12 life segments that I have determined are most congruent with the thousands of clients that Janice Bastani Coaching has worked with over the last two decades.  You may or may not agree with some of them, and that is okay.  This is just what I have learned are the most important to those I have interacted with.

So to put them in context:

1 – Personal Environment or Your Home

2 – Giving Back

3 – Family or Parenting

4 – Finances

5 – Safety

6 – Growth Opportunities [and these come in 3 areas of our lives: Spiritual, Personal & Professional]

7 – Self

8 – Fun

9 – Relationships [and these have many forms:  Intimate, Personal, Social & Professional]

10 – Health, Wellness & Aging

11 –Spiritual Life

12 – Professional Life or Your Career

 Look at this list of 12 life areas and ask yourself this:  “Where do I feel the most out of step?  Where do I feel incongruent?  Where am I the most satisfied?  Where am I the most dissatisfied?”

Your answers will give you the place to start and where there needs to be some kind of SHIFT in your life.

This may seem like a simple exercise, but I assure you it is not.  Seldom do any of us do “self-reflection” of who we are and what we do in any of these 12 life areas?  Take a moment and really ponder what I am asking you to do.  It is not just ONE thing; it is how EVERYTHING is interwoven and interconnected.  We do not live our lives in isolation.  You may be exceptional in one area of your life and completely neglecting another area.  This is normal, and it is happening to all of us all the time.  We have a deadline of some sort, and we focus all our attention there and let other parts of our life slide.  The ones who suffer usually are our relationships, health [in terms of little sleep and poor eating], not making time for fun, and our spiritual life [oh, we may send up a prayer arrow in times of desperation, but not real spiritual connectedness].

Maybe this weekend take a moment to think and evaluate your life areas and come up with the ones which you need to make a SHIFT, and we will begin our journey next month.

Next month we will explore The first step in the thousand-mile journey!

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