Sharpening Our Skills

I do not remember quite where I got this little  ditty, but judging from the typeface it must have been some time ago, I have updated it a bit to be relevant to us today here at the closing of 2013.

Yellow pencilsSharpening our skills is not something we do once in a while; or when we really mess up and are completely embarrassed and make a fool of ourselves in front of people we love or in front of a client or our boss.  There is NO EXCUSE for such behavior.  Keeping your all of your skills sharp is now part of your daily habit set just as is brushing your teeth, taking a shower, exercising, healthy eating, maintaining your car, your home, finances, relationships, spiritual life, keeping in touch with those you love, being of service to your community, growing in all areas of your life, making sure you get enough rest, taking your vacation time, etc.  If any of that sounds strange to you, then it’s time to sharpen!

Here’s another aspect you probably do not think about.  Just as your shoes leave a print on the pavement and an imprint on a carpet so do you on others.  You leave your mark on others by the tone of your voice. The message you convey.  The stance of your body.  Where your eyes look when you talk.  All of these things leave a “MARK” on the other person or persons in the room that you are in and engaged in the conversation with.

This skill is a hard one for most of us to master, but it must be master for us to grow in our lives!  You can correct the mistakes you make!  It takes a humble person to step forward and admit they are wrong and to correct the wrong, ask for forgiveness, but it is the right thing to do.  You may not get the forgiveness you seek, but it is important to do the right thing.  What mistakes do you need to correct before the end of this year?

We have been a nation obsessed with endless quest for “PERFECT”.  We want “Perfect” bodies, hair, shoes, cars, jobs, homes, clothes, relationships, food, makeup, internet, iphones, noses, chins, nails, connection, flight connections, weather, want, want, want!  In the quest, you will notice that all of the things are outside of ourselves.  Even if all of these things were in place what do you think the person would then want?  They would come up with something else to change, and still with all the money in the world and every thing the world has at their beckon call, they are still unhappy and unsatisfied.  It is what is inside of you that is important – such like our sturdy reliable friend up there the number two pencil.  What inside of you needs sharpening?

As we each live our life year to year we will undergo painful sharpenings.  These will make each of us better. Each of us has unique talents and abilities.  You are not insignificant and what you bring to this life is important to someone.

It reminds me of the great writings and lessons and role modeling that the late Stephen Covey taught and left for all of us to learn and pass on; all of need to continually “Sharpen The Saw”, in every area of our lives.  What area(s) of your life need sharpening?



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