Sensory Yearning

Do you know what “sensory yearning” is?

You know what your five senses are.  You know what it means to yearn for something.   So sensory yearning is something that comes to our minds, our souls and our bodies when we are really beat down and in need of something that transports us away to another place or another time when we considered times to be simpler, or better for each of us.

The interesting things about sensory yearning is that it is different for each of us.  Perhaps for a mother of toddlers, the sound of quiet, with the warmth of a nice bath and 15 minutes of utter peace sound amazing.   Perhaps to the city dweller the sound of an ocean surf, and sand between their toes would be heaven.   For the person who lives on a farm, the bright lights and bustling of the city bring excitement and a quickening to the pulse.   Each of us needs something in a combination that is uniquely our own.

When times are tough, such as now we each are looking for the familiar which comforts us;  perhaps it’s a quiet snow fall, or the smell of balsam fir, or the crackling of a warm fire.  During this time of year when we think of sparkling lights, and confetti, presents, and home baked delights we are transported back to another time where we can dwell for a few moments or a few hours.

Our eyes are not satisfied with just seeing.  Our ears are filled with hearing.  Indeed we want to touch, and experience everything we are drawn to during this time of year.

If this is your place of solace, I encourage you to touch and experience until your sensory yearning is filled.   When you are filled, turn around and lift up someone else, and then the two of you do the same for another.   We cannot give what we do not have already within us.   You will be filled to overflowing when you do this for others.



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