Selfish Women

That one got your attention didn’t it?!  How selfish are you exactly?  What does selfish mean in your life?

All of these are great questions and we each have millions of different answers to each.  What I am talking about is taking care of YOU.  Can you please just open your calendar (in what ever manner you keep that schedule of yours in) and show me your carved out time for “YOU”?  When is it your time to refresh, restore, regroup and nourish that inner most part of who you are?

There is nothing selfish about taking care of you and your body, and your health.  God has entrusted us with this one body for one lifetime and that is it.  If we neglect it, don’t respect it, do not care for it, keep it clean, happy, in top running shape, it will break down on us far sooner than it should and we will be in pain and slow down to a crawl and just be waiting for death to show up one day.  Does that sound too drastic?  It shouldn’t.  Who do you know right now who has tossed in the towel and is just wasting away, each and every day?  I bet it is a relative of yours maybe even someone you love very much. 

If we roll back the clock some 20 to 30 years, that is you right now.  Fast forward and you see yourself in their condition today.  We as women in business and in our private lives are nurturers at heart.  We do this with ease.  We nurture and raise our families, our spouses, dear friends and others that we care for.  Who isn’t in the picture?  YOU.

We all think it will be our time eventually, but eventually never shows up on the list.  Take a step or two back and look at the whole picture that is your life.  What do you see?  If there are some things which are jumping out at you in the form of taking care of yourself, simply schedule one thing to do over the next week, only one.  Then in the next month schedule another, and then in two more weeks another.  It isn’t hard.  Keep doing it until you no longer have anything on your mental list of what “I” need. 

I am very fond of this saying:   I cannot give something to others that I do not possess myself.  That is talking about every thing from love to time.  Give to yourself today.