Self: What Do You Beleive?

Look into your mirror.   What is the first thought that pops into your head?    What’s the next thought? Close your eyes and take one step back.  Open and now what is your first thought?  Every one of these thoughts is a  belief that you hold about yourself based on not the reflection in the mirror but the reality in your soul about your worth.

What do you believe about yourself?   Maybe this is just too overwhelming to think about, so let’s break it down.

What do you believe about your hair?

What do you believe about your eye lashes?

What do you believe about your nose?

What do you believe about your lips?

What do you believe about your teeth?

This list could go on for pages and you would have an opinion about each item listed.  SO, where did your beliefs about S-E-L-F come from?

These beliefs you hold about yourself are only true if you say they are true and take them into your core being.  Otherwise they are just words from another person who has asked the same question of themselves.  We take them in and hold these opinions because we place value on what that other person says, but value what we are saying about ourselves.

Your genetic DNA was decided long before you ever got a good look at yourself and besides you didn’t get to choose your DNA so from the start it was out of your control.

You and I know there are things about ourselves we believe we need to change.  We truly believe that if this one thing was different our lives would be different but this is really a lie.   We cannot change the outside and expect the belief we hold inside our deepest core to change.

The truth is we change from the inside first and then the outside; not the other way around.  If you have always wanted one million dollars and today one of those publishing places rolled up to your door and gave you a check for one million dollars what would change?  After all the hoopla and excitement calms down and you are alone how do you feel?   How will you now know how to act like a millionaire?  What does a millionaire know about money and how to handle it so that it grows and stays one million?  My guess is you and your family would pay off bills, and buy things and go on vacation, maybe even quit your job and then what?  You will no longer be a millionaire.  The money will quickly disappear.   You will owe taxes on it.  Statistics say you will be right back where you were before you received the money in a very short period of time.  Did you change on the inside?  What did you learn about have large sums of money of your lifetime so that you were prepared to really step into the role of living large?

See it isn’t about changing from the outside.  It is about changing your mindset from the inside.

What do you believe about yourself?

Where did you get that belief?

How does holding on to that belief serve you today in this season of your life?

You are 100% responsible for what you believe about yourself.  You are an adult.  If your belief no longer works or serves you right now, I encourage you to lay that belief down and really look at what does serve you today.

When we are weighed down by what others see in us and we thrive on hearing those comments or criticism every day, we are truly not living.  It matter only to the person looking back at you in the mirror.  You are more valuable than you can ever image.  I do not have to see you to know this.  Everything that you have and show to the world everyday is there to be of great value to others.  The value is not in the color of your hair or your eyes.   It is not in your height nor is it in the shape of your nose or the size of your waist.  The value is inside of you and what you radiate out to the world and how you show up each day.   It is in your smile, your laugh, your quick wit, your tender touch, your thoughtful words and your personal warmth that draws others into the space that occupy that brings great value.   Those things come from the inside of you.

You are more valuable that you will ever know!







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