“Selective Application”

   We are each guilty of “Selective Application” in our personal lives and in our professional lives. Do you have any idea what this term actually means?  “Selective Application”.

“Selective Application” is the action one takes when making a decision or taking action.  When facts or fiction is placed in front of them they pick and choose “selectively” what they like and do not like, what will use or not use to strengthen their case, what serves their purpose or their desired outcome and they “apply” that information to what ever they may be trying to do. Politicians are a great example of this.  The news media at large is also very good at the slant in a story.  Sports teams do this all the time.  A pitcher, a point guard, or a quarter back can have all kinds of selective terms and reasons for nonperformance.  This is routine in our society today.

Think about your day today;  where did you use this technique of “Selective Application”?

What were your motives?

What outcome did you try to manipulate using this technique?

Who benefited from your use of “Selective Application”?

Who was lifted up and support and launched forward?

This is an “AWARENESS” in my life after watching and listening to the media today, reading magazines, online articles and listening to and talking with others in my personal and professional life.  When we are aware we notice more.   When we notice more we heighten our discernment in all areas of our lives.  This discernment will help us to “GROW” in those areas of our lives where we are weak.  I do not believe that we really even think about our use of “Selective Application”; we just do it.  Where do you think that comes from?

When we shop for fruit or vegetables we are very selective.  When we are looking for a great looking and fitting shoe, we are very picky and selective.  When we are looking for a hair stylist or colorist we are very selective.  Those make sense right?

What about your expense reports?

What about your finances?

What about your sales and marketing report?

What about all those job candidates vying for that job posting?

When is it okay to use “Selective Application”?

When is wrong to use “Selective Application”?




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