Seizing Opportunities



How many of us have lived with the regret of not jumping onto an opportunity?  We are flooded with the feeling of frustration at not seizing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we tend to beat ourselves up over not taking action.  How many times in history have we seen in our own lifetime, how average everyday people seize an opportunity and make history?

In order to seize and opportunity, one must possess the right mindset. The brother of President John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy was one who commented:

“There are those that look at things as they are and ask, “WHY?” I dream of things that never were and ask, “WHY NOT?””


When the door opportunity knocks, it is too late to prepare; we must be ready to a-c-t in that moment.  Most of the world awakes to the usual rut of routine; however those who make things happen have an entirely different view of their day.  They are on a continuous cycle of growth, and they know that in order to improve, they must be willing to seize the opportunities as they come by taking action.


“Opportunities do not multiply because they are seen…They multiply because they are seized.”

There are [5] five ways to seize opportunities:
1. Be the first to help someone
2. Take a risk when the potential for significance is high
3. Do what you know is right, even with no promise of return
4. Give to your peers at a time when it makes a difference
5. Plant seeds of intentionality in children

As a new school year begins, you might take a different approach to the captive backseat audience in your SUV this year; try asking these two questions:  1)  “What did you love today?” and 2) “What did you learn?”

When you live with the anticipation that you will be intentional today and be ready to seize opportunities, you will add enormous value to your own “sweet spot.”  Once you taste significance, success will never satisfy you again.







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