Seeds, Seeds, Seds Everywhere!

I have had the privilege of  planting seeds into the lives of so many wonderful people since we began our move to California July 2nd.  The men and women in the moving industry are wonderful and so eager to learn and generous and happy.  As soon as they found out that I am a coach, I had immediate captive clients.

I deem it a privilege to open eyes and hearts to things that may have escaped these wonderful people in their very busy lives.  I want to thank Lance, Ray, David and Jessie for being the world’s greatest strong men and unpackers!

Sal and his crew did a great job of packing all our stuff!  We had only 1 broken plate in 800 boxes!  Great Job guys!

To Mike and Dwayne from Create-a-Crate, thank you for getting all our artwork and other items including “Matilda” to California without a scratch!  Everything is hung and screwed into the wall so even if there is an earthquake nothing is coming down!

Each of these men have families from whom they are away many, many weeks in a year and this is a hard thing to live out daily.  Thank God for cell phones and Facetime.

From our blessing we are able to pour into the lives of those that we meet on our travels in life.  Reach out and pour into someone’s life today; you just never know who you are talking to or what they have just experienced.  As we traverse these hot long summer days, take a glass of cold something to your lawn guy, if you’re at the grocery store pick up a box of Popsicles and hand them out the window to the road crew laboring under the hot sun and watch the smiles breakout!  I never get tired of doing that!  Compliment someone who you don’t know and watch that frown turn into a smile.  I notice that so often when we are in line, we don’t even make eye contact with the cashier or person waiting on us and our attention is on the door and the next thing.

Life is short, spread love where ever you are.



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  1. Jamie Watkins

    Great words and action to live by!
    Love reading your blogs they are such an encouragement
    To me!
    Love you


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