Season In Life and Business

Recently I actually potted a couple of annuals into those traditional clay pots.  As I set them where they would create a beautiful “show of color”, I stepped back and started to admire their beauty and something occurred to me.

Instantly, I had a visual in front of me of four clay pots and my impression was that these pots represented my life, the lives of my clients, and the lives of my readers.

The first pot was full of rich dark soil with one stem and two tiny light green leaves.  The second pot was full of rich dark soil with a flower in full boom.  The third pot was full of soil which was hard and cracked and the flower’s head was bent over wilting.  The fourth pot had soil which was hard and pulled away from the sides of the pot and no visible sign that anything of beauty had once graced it.

I saw these pots as a metaphor for our life.  We all start out for the most part, in rich dark soil sprouting up and charging out of our families ready to meet the world and make our mark.  Pretty soon we are growing and in full bloom and making a difference.  Later in life we begin to become frail and step off the stage of life.  And finally we are gone and return to dust and there is no sign that we were ever here.

Where are you in your pot?  What are you living today? 

This same analogy can also be applied in our lives as women in business.  We begin as a newbie and then grow and develop professionally and then we step down and off of the business stage and move on in our lives and no one remembers who sat in that cubicle 4 people ago. 

What are you doing there in your business pot?  What are you living out in your professional life?  Which pot are you in? One? Two? Three? or Four?