School’s In Session

As you ready your children for their back to school year, what about you?

You know you can have your own fresh start to a new year if you want to?  There are several times during a year when we are lead to make a fresh start.  One is the obvious:  New Year’s Day, you could begin a new on your birthday, you could turn over the new leaf in conjunction with you professional evaluation or calender year for your company, you could use any date that stands out for you and has some sort of significance.

Just like you do with your children, why not make your own check list and evaluation about yourself, your supplies, your looks etc.  A complete head to toe in you will just like the kids.

Let’s start at the top of your head:

*How’s your hair style for your profession and your age?

*What about the color?  Could it be time for a change?

* What about a whole new look?

Let’s move on down to your face now:

*Could you use a makeover from your favorite beauty counter consultant?

*What’s new this fall in color shades for eyes and lips?

Moving right on down:

*How is your wardrobe my dear?

*If you haven’t worn it this past season, you are not going to wear it.  If you think it’s coming back in style; you’ll be storing it for more than a decade!

*Timeless is always a great choice with lots of color to pop and be trendy and great accessories which are less expensive.

*Shoes!   Who doesn’t like to go shoe shopping?   Remember, your feet carry you 24-7, so make sure the shoe is the correct size and width!  A podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon is far more expensive and painful when you don’t remember to get the correct size.

Okay, what about your brain, your soul, your health and well-being?  How are you doing?  Have you let yourself go, even just a little?  With out a healthy brain, a healthy soul and a healthy body, it doesn’t matter what you wear or how trendy you are.

*Get yourself to your MD for your annual physical.

*Get yourself to your Dentist.

*Get yourself to your GYN.

*Get yourself to your eye doctor

Your appointment should be right there with the kids in your calendar.

We are all looking at our budgets and our needed supplies.  From pencils to computers and cell phones the list is extensive.  Plan, plan, plan, make a list, what is urgent and what can wait a month or two?  Take advantage of the free things that are out there for you.  There are thousands of people who are donating time, money and supplies to back to school backpacks and supplies.  If you are feeling the pull of back to school shopping and your children are long gone, may I suggest you go to your local store and purchase some items and donate them to those who are struggling.  It will get you back into the swing of things and you will feel great about helping a needy child.

How do you prepare for you prepare for your back to school shopping and planning with your family?



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