Saying Hello!

  You knew this was coming, right?

Well we are, moving in day.  The coffee is hot and the bathrooms have toilet paper and there are snacks and water and soda in the frig to sustain us while we become “Super Mover Inner”!

We are able to leap from room to room upstairs and downstairs telling these big guys where things go and to put the stuff, that I have no idea where it will find a home in our new home a place into one of our garages so it is out of sight for now.

I must say that swimming pool looks awfully inviting out there.  Maybe a late night dip before bed would be nice under the stars.

Now I wanted to tell you my personal ritual for blessing a new home just like I told you when we leave a home.  The first time I walk into a new home once we have the KEYS, I say a prayer as I drive into the driveway to four farthest corners of the home and bless it.  Then I systematically walk into each room and bless what will happen there.  Don’t go getting all weird about this, think of it as something very nice.  I want anyone who will stay in one of my guests rooms to have a deep restful sleep and as I cook for my family in my new kitchen a blessing there for the food and the nourishment it will provide.  I want each room to feel warm and inviting and that whom ever is there be blessed with joy and to feel welcome.

So to work……the trucks are pulling up and the unpacking begins now.