Saying Goodbye

After 12 years of bliss in our home, we are watching those trucks pull away from our home.  The cleaning people will arrive shortly to clean up our house for its new owner.  Once the cleaning team is gone, I will do my saying goodbye ritual to our home.

You may not know what I am talking about when I say, “I am going to say goodbye” to our home. Some two decades ago, I heard a radio talk show about “blessing a church” and “blessing a home” before you move into it and that stuck with me.  I do not remember any more than the phrases.  So ever since then, I have gone to all four corners of our homes and blessed them and said a prayer.  When we leave a home, I do the same only it is more of a thankfulness prayer of all the great memories that were made in this room, all the laughter, the blessings, the surprises and so forth.

I always take one last walk around the house and say goodbye to all the plants and flowers and admire how tall they have grown over the years and that how proud I am of what we created in this little slice of heaven.

I turn and take one last photo which will grace a page in the scrapbook entitled:  “Our Many Beautiful Homes”.

I then turn and walk away.   Goodbye….