Sabotaging Thoughts In Life & Business

Last time we spoke about our starting and stopping programs and action plans that we want to make in our lives.  We also talked about how our own self talk can either push us through the tough times or stop us cold when we listen to our own negative self talk.

I would like to talk about the results of listening to negative self talk or sabotaging thoughts that we hear in our heads. Here are some hard facts about listening to these thoughts:

*   Life passes you by.  Pretty soon not only have hours, days, months, but years pass.  We become stuck and victims of our own selves.

*   Our relationships suffer because we withdraw and we loose meaningful relationships because people simply walk away from the negativity where nothing changes.

*   We have negative personal growth.  When we listen to these thoughts we really believe that nothing will change so we do not make any attempt at improvement.

*   The number one thing that happens when we listen to negative thoughts is that our appearance and our health immediately go down hill.  Hey, hey, don’t push back here, listen……it starts off very small, like not putting on your makeup one day and then perhaps, not doing your hair or skipping your shower.  You will opt for a quick fast food meal instead of a home cooked healthy one, is always begins slowly and it looks like you are just “pampering yourself because I need it, I am not myself, I just don’t feel up to it today,  I just need to get something in my stomach and get to bed and rest, I am so tired…..”  That’s the way it starts.

This same scenario can be played out at the office, in your relationships and so on.  So look down the road 5 years, maybe even 10 years, look into the mirror, who is that standing there?  Is that really you?!  What happened to you?

If you are feeling this way right now…and you do not know who is looking back at you in the mirror, you have bought into the lie that is constantly playing in your head. 

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