Running Off A Cliff

What is your “emergency” today?  I know you have one.   What is the burning line which you are running away from and trying to get safely away? 

This came to my mind when I was watching a movie recently where there was a cliff, thousands of head of cattle and a narrow canyon which was set on fire.  In order to get away from the wall of flames, “panic” set in and all the cattle began to run for the open space which just happened to end with a cliff.  The only “safe exit” was not in the line of sight for the large herd.

In our own lives both personal and in our business lives we act very much like this herd of cattle.  We may be worrying about something that is not lite yet or we may be running away from the burning wall of flames.  What can we do as women in business in order to keep our heads about us and look for the safe exit?

Walk away from the flames or the perceived flames.

Gain the big picture perspective.

Look at all the options for the safe path.

Are you seeing the same problems and reactions to those problems coming up again and again.  It is time to “Re-examine” your truth, your story, your reality, from what you perceive right in front of you.

Put all the options on the table and then make a decision.

Yes, there will be fall out, there will be losses, their will be hurt perhaps, however, because you have looked at all the options and the possible consequences good and bad, there is no panic. 

You have forward, intelligent movement and decision making based on a principle of information.

I would love to hear a story from you about your own struggle and how you solved or resolved it.