Reviving Your Dream

What was your dream?

Believe it or not everyone has a dream or they had a dream at some time in their life .  Close your eyes and let your mind wander back to a time when you had a dream.  Got it?  Just dwell there for a couple of minutes and bring that dream into full crisp clear focus.  Now write down every little detail about your dream on paper.  Leave your notes and thoughts in plain sight, perhaps at your place at the kitchen table.   Each time you sit down to a meal then return to the list and keep adding to your list and your thoughts.   It will become easier to go back to that place where you had the dream and you thought about it all the time.  Continue to add to your list.

You may think you are too old or too much time has gone by for you to think about much less pursue your dream.  This is not true at all.  I would like to encourage you do look at your list and instead of blowing it off think about this:  what is one thing on that list that you could actually do or explore?   Let’s say you have always wanted to be an astronaut.  I am 45 years old you scoff and there is no way!   Not so!   What could you do to learn more about being an astronaut?  How could you experience all of the nuisance of being an astronaut without being in a NASA program?  Perhaps its the fascination of the unknown, or the exploration that intrigues you, or maybe it is the technology or the speed of the vehicle itself.   No matter what it is you can do  so much to fill that “dream space” inside of you.  Here are so things you could do:  plan a vacation to a NASA or other space center location, go to space camp with one of your children or grandchildren, go to the Smithsonian in Washington DC and visit the space museum or any other space museum near you, take a local course in astronomy or space exploration, read magazines and books, explore the Internet, and even getting your fix from great moves on DVD are available.  Yes, I know this may sound so simple, but you’d be surprised how far “simple” goes in quelling the desire or even when the desire turns to regret at now exploring the dream in more depth.

Maybe you wanted to be a ballerina, but now you are a size 18 and you weigh 175 pounds and you think “fat chance” on doing that now!   No it isn’t !  Based on what you read in the last paragraph what could you do?   Your are right!  You could take a ballet exercise class to just begin to experience the smooth flowing moves and hone your follow through and that graceful finish that you love through your fingertips.  You could also go to a ballet performance in your local city and just drink in and fill that void inside your soul for ballet.   You can also learn who are the top ballet performers in the world and where they are performing.  There are magazines and other Internet sites that follow ballet.  Get yourself a basic ballet book with the positions and a DVD and practice in the privacy of your home.   Ballet shoes are available everywhere.  Buy yourself a pair and live your dream through your ballet shoes.

You see when the dream dies, you begin to develop a small hole in your soul and it grows every time you think about not pursuing it.   We need to become realistic about how we can live and experience our dreams while living our real life.  If you have more than one dream, you have a lifetime left to explore and experience your dreams in a way that will give you satisfaction



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