Responsibility and YOU

This morning I was privileged to listen to 3 very well educated, corporate executives with real in the trenches experience and what their views are of “Innovation” and where it is health wise in the United States at a local university here where I live.  These three individuals had not consulted each other prior to their presentations and yet each presentation was presented and stated some astounding facts, real time scenarios, and statistics.  Each presentation seemed to fit like a puzzle piece into the previous and use it as a launch pad for the next.  This is an excellent example of synergistic knowledge coming together at a specific place and time.

Each of these corporate leaders pointed to the same thing; In the US today if we want to regain our status as the world’s innovator we must start to really focus on Education, Higher Education and where the responsibility lies in the long overdue WAKE UP call to the United States. We have NO ACCOUNTABILITY for our actions.  This isn’t being taught anywhere.

Two of the speakers sited Moore’s Law which states: that technology is doubling every 24 months (in actuality it is every 18 months) and we in our schools are not keeping up with this technology.  We have long since fallen behind the rest of the world in Intellectual Talent in that we educate engineers and scientists and then when they get their PhD’s we send them packing due to immigration restriction.  The talent is leaving our soil.  It is a known fact that the average American kid is not interested in science nor in math.  They want to get out there and make as much money as they can with as little effort as possible.  We glorify industries and people that are not intellectual, not scientistist, nor mathemeticans.  We are reaping what we have sown.

One of the presenters said it is the responsibility of corporations and businesses and even small businesses to partner with schools and universities to provide teaching, mentoring and training even summer internships so that this generation has a taste of what that success looks like and feels like.  What this does is spark the curiousity and joy in solving problems, creating solutions and engaging one intellectually.  One of the presenters showed how technology can be used to teach children about algebra in a computer game so that it is fun and shows how to use algebra in real life.

As a Woman In Business,  who have you paratnered with?  Who was you summer intern?  One startling statistic was given:  in 1979 49% of American Teens held down a summer job in some fashion, in 2000 that number fell to 45%, in 2007 the number fell further to 29%!  If a child does not graduate from high school and they aren’t working in the world…….what are they doing?  This should shake mothers and fathers to their very core.

We are all responsible.  We need to educate ourselves, we need to be listening to what is going on outside globally, we need to continue to keep learning, and we must begin to lead through modeling.  We can no longer afford to be monoclutural nor monolingual.