Human beings see fascination in the spectacle of the drama and tragedy going on around them.     We all do this.  Think about the last time you were driving and there was a huge slow down and traffic was at ta stand still.    When you finally get to the point of the slow down you notice that indeed there was a car accident or something else, however the whole spectacle is pulled off the road, the road is clear and the reason for the slow down is the mere staring at the site.   We do this same thing in life.

We stop several times a day to slow way down and watch, listen, read, or status check a plethora of things that have become drugs to us.  We love the drama and the spectacle of the whole thing.

We have resistance to seeing the good things going on around us.  Don’t believe me?

Think about two types of Reality TV Shows popular today.

One revolves around a man who is single and 20+ women who want to be married or in the spot light or being a drama diva.  The proximity of every tempting sexual situation is played out in dramatic fashion with tears, tantrums and roses.  We are addicted to the spectacle of drama.  At the end of the season we really don’t care who get the ring.  We are to busy giving commentary on who should have been kicked off,  or should not have said or done whatever and looking to the next season and anyway, these two people never follow through; so what the purpose of the who thing?

The other example I will give you tomorrow.
Your thoughts?



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