Resistance III

This is third in the series about our resistance to happy, good news, and go to good happy feelings and thoughts as our default position in our lives.

We are surrounded with fabrication, innuendo, drama, broken relationships which fly through that “cloud” space and thin air in nanoseconds so why would we know how to allow time for process, molding, good news, mentoring and or change will are parched for?

All of these involve personal sacrifice and surrender from someone or something, versus flying instantaneous text messaging, instant messaging, immediate access to media and so on.  At our core we are all a little rebellious even dare I say disobedient and blind to anything which will move us to a place of discernment, great decision making, congruency and the peace we wrestle so hard to find.

Are you like a horse who needs a bit i his mouth, a bridle with straps and reins to guide you?  Perhaps you also need a  saddle  with a rider to spur you to submit to the left or to the right, to walk on, run or to stop.  Did you know a horse’s brain is the size of a walnut?   Your brain is 1000 times larger, heavier, and capable of complex processing.  You are so much more than you can ever imagine and it is all just sitting there 99.9% of the day.

You do not need “tack” to learn how to stop your own self sabotage of resistance.

What you need is to have ears to listen, have eyes to see the lit path, a heart and soul which is quick to respond in obedience and peace will be yours.

Sounds too simple right?  Let me ask you:  “…how quickly did it take for you to get where you are today, negative, questioning and wondering who to follow and what to do, without getting the opinions of everyone you know and don’t know?    To what end?”  If you were looking for security in your decisions, that is not the way to get it.  If you were looking for permission to do something that you felt a twinge that it may not be good for you, or other nudging; you were right.   Paying attention to that still small voice is important.

It is all about starting here and now with that next decision.

Instead of looking at that extent ion in your hand, I challenge you to slow way down and put the device down and physically turn away from it and your computer or iPad.

Write down the question on a stickie not and think about it.  Do not make a decision NOW.

If you get up, put the note in your pocket and look at it whenever you are tempted to go to your electronic devices.   Look at the question and let your magnificent brain work on it.

At the end of the time, or the day, look again and answer the question with the first thing that you feel the answer is.   Go with that and let me know what happens.

If you are still puzzled as to what to do and feel there are so many choices; great!   Write down in the three or four things you think may happen if you decide “yes”.   Then write down the three of four things that might happen if you decide “no”.  Set this aside for a few minutes, get up and go somewhere else in your office, outside is even better.  Take a brisk walk around the building, and wash your hands, go back and look again at the question and all the possible outcomes;  may your decision.   Let me know what happened.

The bottom line is that you are infinitely more qualified to make the decision than by consensus about what concerns your life and work.  Only you will have to live with the consequence of your decision.   Remember that there are good consequences and those that are less than desirable.

What have you learned about yourself over these past few posts?




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