Resistance II

I told you last time I would tell you about the other dramatic programs we follow for the same of feeding our “drama demon” and here it is:

There is this place of earth that is beautiful in its remotes and wildness and someone lures men and women to this location with the promise of a big check if they can live primitively and participate in games that test their survival abilities.  Oh joy, we are looking at the backward evolution of humankind to primitive caveman days; with the added bonus of thousands of years of evolution and knowledge in their heads.

We stay glued to the television week after week and become the judges in our family rooms.  The winner is soon forgotten and the new ads start appearing about the next exotic remote location, and just in case you might have forgotten, we are now going to be subjected to a whole new way of competition by bringing back the past winners, or the past greatest fighters, or the past greatest conflicts on the show, to what end?

In our own lives drama is played out daily in this same fashion; only it is instantaneous on our phones.  No commercials, no DVRing, right now for you to consume.   We are flooded with negativity.   Perhaps we love seeing others wade through the muck and mire of life and this insatiable appetite has made resistant to good news.   We blow by it and ask:  “….and what else?”    Looking for that nugget of unrest.

What about you?    What good news did you blow by to get to those tantalizing details of distress today?



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