Rescue Me!

Are you longing for a “Rescue”?

Are you one of those lucky girls who went to “Disneyland” and were treated to the “Princess” treatment?

Have you secretly lived in your own fairytale world where in her moment of dire circumstances a prince rides up and saves the day?   You know full well that there is no prince, but you secretly long for there to be one.

What is your favorite “happily ever after” story?  Maybe it is a favorite Jane Austin classic, you just never tire of Mr. Darcey.  Or perhaps it is one of the newer romance novels by Nicholas Sparks. What is it about these story lines that we never tire of?  You find yourself on your couch on a Sunday afternoon and your favorite movie is playing and it is three quarters finished and you watch it anyway, able to recite every line and in the moment of rescue; you let out a deep sigh.

I believe it is the same thing for all of us.  We may have long lost the notion of being swept off our feet by a handsome man; and yet it is still there deep inside of us at our core…the desire…The desire to be rescued from this troubled world we slough through every day.

We are tired, sore, hungry and long to be rested, nourished, loved, belong and know our purpose for being here and that is so much easier when the burden is shared.

What is it you long for:

-need for restoration

-need for healing

-need for liberation

-need for good news

-need for freedom

-need for truth

-need for goodness

-need to belong

-need to be appreciated

-need to be supported

These are all “yearnings” and they are seeded deep inside each one of us in our very DNA.  We spend our entire lives searching for the one person or thing which will show up who fulfills these yearnings.  The one thing that:

-does not change

-is stable

-will always forgive us

-love us unconditionally

-will restore us

-will never shift

-will satisfy our yearnings

-is truthful

-is joyful

-will be our friend

-will support us

Who is this for you?  OR  What is this for you?

In my new book:  EVE: Reclaim Your Power, you will learn what is at the core of these yearnings and how to find your own answer.  At our deepest core we all ask at some time in our lives:  “Am I worthy of…..”?  The answer is: “YES”!  I will teach you how you can do this for yourself without the knight showing up.  I will even give you the questions to ask yourself.  Here’s the first question:  “What do you believe about that?”  Your answer will set you on the course to answering all of the yearnings listed above.

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