Each and everyone of us has been in some kind of a relationship.  Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and distinctions.  We have all had a relationship with other playmates and children our own age when we were small.  That grew into friendships, relationships with classmates, teachers, schools, sports teams, music teachers, church affiliations, clubs and organizations, even businesses when we were old enough to take on a part time job to put some cash in our wallets.

As we mature our relationships become more complex.  We begin to have love relationships.  Relationships with college institutions, peers, online friends, family members, business partners and such.

Still later our relationships again come full circle and we begin to have relationships with our children’s playmates parents and the school and sport and music teams and teachers and so on.

We are built for relationships.  It is part of our human DNA. 

What is the health of your relationships?

Yes, our relationships do have a "health status".  Some are in very good health and we work very hard to keep them healthy, alive and vibrant.  Others are toxic and why we continue with the relationship(s) is a matter between you and your therapist.  Others still are stagnant and have not been nurtured to gain the greatest benefit to both parties.

What is the state of health in your relationships?

What relationships are giving you the greatest satisfaction?

What relationships lift you up and make you feel good?

When you have great news, who do you tell first?

When you have bad news, who do you tell first?

When you just need someone to talk to to blow off steam, who do you call or talk to?

These names which are the answers to the questions above are the people you have relationships with. 

If you are game, I have a challenge for you……take a piece of paper and fold it into thirds.  At the top of each third write these three words (one word per third)

"Healthy Relationship"                                                         "Toxic Relationship"                                                                             "Stagnate Relationship"

Every time you talk to someone or someone communicates with you put just their first name under one of these categories and see at a glance at the end of the day or do it for one week and see the health of your relationships.

You may want to add additional catagories.  You will find you actually have 6 blank pages to use.  You may want to add "Business Relationships" as an example. 

How did this open your eyes?