Relationships & Your Career for Women In Business

Your career is one of the top five items on your list of important things in your life.  If I ask you:  “Why is your career one of the top five things on your list?”  You probably would look at me like I am crazy to even entertain such a question.  You would be incorrect about that.  It is important for each of us to know why we are going to work, a job or a career everyday is very important. 

Because you see it is more than just a “paycheck” to pay the bills.  If you are working for this reason alone, then my guess is that you no longer love what you are doing and you are going through the motions and that you really do not give your “best” business self to this job. 

What is the difference between these two ideas?  Well it is two things?  The differences are:   fulfillment and relationships.  We are continuing our discussion about the “Relational Cornerstone”  as it pertains to this area of your life in your career segment.  To fully enjoy our  careers we must have rich relationships with our peers, our clients, our suppliers, customer base and those above us in our field of work.   There is a bond which forms which sustains us during tough times and during times of plenty.  The second thing here is this matter of “fulfilment” as it applies to our careers.  As scary as this sounds, if you are just going through the motions and can’t wait to clock out everyday, may I challenge you that you are really not living to your fullest potential and that you are doing both yourself and your family and those who depend on you a disservice by remaining in a job that drains you.

A job which drains you also drains your energy, your joy, and your health.  Think about it.  Can you say that you are happier, more energetic, and healthier since you started this job? 

We are “Relational” beings.  We need to have relationships which work.  Relationships which grow and benefit both and indeed all parties. 

Here are several things you can do to improve your “Relational Cornerstone” as it relates to your career:

1)  Evaluate what relationships you actually have at your place of business?

2)  Which ones of those relationships actually energize and support you?

3)  Which relationships drain the very life out of you?

4)  Begin to distance yourself from the ones which drain you until you have very little contact.

5)  Begin to nurture those relationships which energize and keep you positive.

6)  Evaluate yourself in these same terms with others who seek you out; are you energizing others or are you draining them?

7)  Stop the gossip and water-cooler talk.  This does not energize, promote or create positive energy for anyone.

8) Listen more than you give advice.  God gave us two ears and two eyes but, only one mouth.

9) Find ways to be positive and uplifting instead of raining on everything that comes across your desk.

10) If it is not feasible for you to begin to change your career; leave your troubles on your desk there at work and leave without filling your purse, briefcase or backpack the the “rocks of frustration”.

Next time we will discuss Relationships and Family.