Relationships and Your Family

This is the most important area of relationships in the four cornerstones which tug at a woman’s heart.  She tied to her family in a way that she is not tied to anything else in her life.   There is a bond which exists that is stronger than any other thing on earth.  If this is indeed true, then why is it that this is the one relationship which we destroy daily with our harsh, cutting words, our shortness of attitude and barking out of orders as if we are a platoon leader of a bunch of new recruits. 

These precious loved ones look to us for their nourishment in mind, in body and in spirit.  We each have or have had a relationship with a spouse at some time in our lives (if you have been married).  Was or Is that relationship based on honor and trust?  It is not a contest to be won or lost.  It is a fragile delicate piece of china which must be given care daily, even when you don’t feel like it.

The same is true for your children.  Yes, they do take a whole lot of time.  But, remember they are in an 18+ year process of maturing and you and only you are the person who influences them and models the behavior that they will mirror back to you later today, tomorrow and ten years from now.  You do reap what you sow.  If you were in their shoes; what would you like to said to you? 

We are role models and influencers whether we want to be on not.  We as adults and parents do not have a choice.  We are the constantly playing “show” right in front of those we love.

This is true for our spouses or your significant other also.  You are modeling a life, a behavior, a way that you want to be treated.  You remember the old adage:  “Do unto others…”?  It is true today, it will be true 100 years from now. 

Stop and think about your next word. 

Stop and think about your next action toward your family.

Stop and think…………