Relationships and Their Phases of Growth

Today I was listening to a long conference call of one of my early mentors who taught me a great deal about “Leadership”.

Most of what I heard, I had heard before and then someone with an accent said a phrase which took on a whole different meaning.

I believe it was this engaging British accent which caused me to lean in and pay close attention to  three words that I have heard many times before.

Those three words were:  “….Phases Of Growth….”

Stop and think about those three words.

None of us just suddenly wakes up and is fully grown, fully aware, all knowledgeable are we?


A plant does not suddenly appear fully developed from a seed overnight and blooming in 24 hours?


A baby doesn’t come out of the womb ready to hop on his two-wheeler bicycle?


We each have “Phases” we navigate through.

“Phases” through which we make small steps to a greater vision.

“Phases” that seem short.

“Phases” which may appear endless.

And yet they take the time they take,because you need to “PROCESS” what is going on at any given point in the phase of growth that you are in.

When we see something, or experience something for the first time, we have to have time to process what we see, what we feel, and so on.

What are you in the process of growing through today?



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