Relationships 103

You have had several days to think about your own relationships, what they look like, how you feel about them and what you get out of your relationships.

Today, I would like you to think about those relationships which are draining you.

I knew it:   you’d come up with at least one or two or three names immediately.

If you could snap your fingers right this minute would you be out of those relationships?

I know, I have been there too.

Let me tell you a story about how this usually works for me.

My father was in the military and we moved every couple of years, so relationships were “very temporary”.   I mean very temporary!

So I knew that eventually, our family would move and since I never saw the same people any where else I ever lived, they just went away and I never had to worry about them anymore.

As I grew up and move out of the house, college was 4 years and then a move and a change in life again.  Relationships basically finished except for 1 or 2 that stayed in contact with me.

As my own family grew up and we moved from job to job where advancement was taking place, neighbors, friends, and others, went on a Christmas card list and eventually we stopped communicating and the relationship was at its natural end.

Did you get those couple of words at the end of the last sentence……..?      “…the relationship was at its natural end.”

Sometimes this is what happens.   Yes, I had lots of relationships with other Moms when my child was in Kindergarten, elementary school, high school etc., but there was a “natural ending” and transition and moving on that occurred.  These relationships served a purpose for a season in my life and the life our my child and our family.

Letting go is sometimes very hard for us.   We want to hold on to something which has run its course.

Did you ever have a drink of some kind or dessert that the first time you had it you were in heaven and then you over indulged in it and then it was not so special any more?

That’s the feeling I’m talking about here.

Today, look at those relationships which have run their course and decide to put them down there on the side of the road of your life and walk away.  Leave them there.