Relationships 101

A recent article stated that “Relationships” was the #1 “Googled” topic on the Internet or a least for that day.

What do you really know about this word:  “Relationship”?

We all have relationships.

Some of our relationships are great, others are not good at all.   Many relationships are “tolerable”, while others are smoldering, some are cold and distant.

Think about the top three or four relationships that you have and that pop in your mind when you hear the word:  “Relationship”.

Who do you think of?

Okay, so we as humans are built for relating to each other, things, and our environment.  This is fundamental.   It is also the most important thing that we do in life is to: R-E-L-A-T-E.

Did you know that when you understand how “systems” work and how the “relationship between things” work, you will understand Relationships?

Think about it.     You have a “Social System/Network” of friends and you are all “in relationship with each other”.   You also have a “Professional System/Network” of peers, bosses, suppliers, customers, etc and all of you are “in relationship with each other in some form or another.   You also have a whole “Intimate System/Network” of  a spouse, significant other, children, extended family, in-laws, etc. and all of you are “in relationship with each other” too!

Each one of these “relationships” represents about 100 million stars (like in the milky way) and each of those stars equals 10,000 connections in your body.  These connections are feelings, beliefs, attitudes etc what you have with each of these relationships.

You are complicated.   More next time on Relationships!