Relationship Problems

Here is a very profound statement:

“Anger held inside of you creates a foundation for relationship problems.”

What else can you think of that will derail a relationship?

Here’s what an “anatomy” of a derailed relationship looks like, and sounds like:
*coming from a place of self-pity

*”Why is it that I am always the one who gets the information last?”


*”Do I look like I have a target planted on my forehead?”


*”I will do something about that, right this minute!”


*”I am tired of being the one who stays late to clean up and complete this report every week.”


*”I feel left out when I am not invited.”

*holding on to a grudge

*”He does it every time, you can count on him to do it again and stick it to the team.”

You get the idea.  When we come from one of these places in our relationships, whether professional or personal you can be assured that this is not a healthy growing relationship.

For the most part we are “reacting” not thinking in the relationship.