Relationship Decisions in Life

Over the past couple of weeks I have been working late each night and when I have come into my kitchen to make dinner after a long day, I turn on the news and all I see is the downward spiral and public spectical of a the precious lives of people being paraded on every channel like the “Circus Maximus” in the colosseum in Rome with the blood thirst crowd crying out for more and more.  It brings me to tears at the debaseing of us as a people, a society and as a nation.

Who are you if you stay glued to this circus of constant destruction of a life, a family, a future, the jobs of others, the business that it is bring down, the ancillary lives and business that feed their own families off of this spectacle?

Deep inside each of us we long for deeper relationship, a richer relationship, a wile with joy, a meaningful life, and instead we are living off the carcass of lives in crisis who have lost all sense of what is decent and “alive”.

Each of us is looking for, desperately searching for and indeed longing to be a part of something special, to belong, to have a unique identity, receive unconditional love, to be of great value to someone.

We are transfixed with our mouths open staring at  this perversion, the “Circus Maximus” going on all around us,  as lives are paraded around us as new,and  entertainment.

We have become numb and given up on trying to solve real problems that are killing us, our families, our jobs, our businesses, our towns, our states and our nation for the spectacle of lives falling apart in full view of the world.

What wonderful solutions would come from those millions of followers, millions of viewers which are thirsting for the ranting failure of these poor men and women who have been given too much, too fast, too soon, with no boundaries, inflated false self worth, held to no responsibilities, or accountability by those who draw salaries from their downfall, what would happen if all of that attention was turned to solutions?

I encourage you to turn away, and turn it all off – – you are in real danger of becoming rotted from the inside out.

What are you modeling for those children in your home?

What are you saying to your spouse, your family, your friends, and the world about what is the “Most Important Thing” in your life?

We are encouraged to comfort and lift up each other –is that what you are doing?

Our lives are all about our relationships.



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