Relationship 102

Last time we discussed some basic about “Relationships”.

Let’s continue our discussion now;

When you understand how “relationships” work between two people, two things, or your environment, then you are on your way to understanding “Relationships”.

It is like a triangle.   At the wide base turned to the top of the page.

On the left side is your Brain/Body connections.  On the right side of the wide base is your Reflective Mind.

At the point on the bottom are you relationships.

In the center of the triangle is your “complete well being”

All three of these things must be present and understood in order for your relationships to work and be satisfying.

I know you may be confused.   This is the way our brains work.

Who are you in your relationships?

Many of us say we are defined by our past.

This isn’t true.

The true statement is:  “Our experiences create our brain”.  This is where we draw those conclusions about all of our relationships based on our past experiences.

Every part of being our whole inside is connected relationally to others.  When we socialize we increase our capacity in our brains, this creates happiness in every area of our lives.

We cannot be segmented and dissected and compartmentalize our lives.  This behavior disconnects us!

Today, I challenge you to look at your relationships and to see what is going on in them.