Rejection and Isolation

Everyday we each face some sort of “rejection”.  Sometimes it is real and sometimes we only think it is real.

Rejection (real or otherwise) is a wonderful opportunity for you to take a step back and to the side and evaluate what just really happened.

Ask yourself these questions:

Did the person I wanted something from, actually have that something to give to me?

Was I truly prepared before I presented my cause?

Was this the right moment?

Was this the right moment, but the wrong person?

Was this the wrong moment?

Am I looking to answer a question that is not in the one I actually asked?

Do I have an agenda?

There are of course probably a million other questions that you might ask yourself too.  The thing here is to remember that the “Yes” or “No” answer is only the beginning of your inquiry about your “rejection”.

Far too often when we do not process what just happened in an objective way, we move directly into “isolation” and avoidance of others which triggers something else which is far more cynical and that is your negative self loop playing in your head and if you don’t watch out, that horrible little gremlin will rear his ugly head and do a real number on you.

So what do you do after you answer these or other questions that pop up?  You begin to go deeper.  You may find that you like to work these things out on paper.  Your personal calendar can tell you a lot of information.  You life at home may play a big part in how you feel or do not feel about what just happened.  You might be comfortable with a mind map on paper or computer.  Talking to an objective friend over a meal away from work or home may just disconnect you enough so that you can see and think more clearly.

Remember:  “…you never fail until you give up….”



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