Reflection on the past

How often do you reflect?  What do I mean by reflection?  That’s a good question.

Reflecting on what has transpired in the last year, the last quarter or the last month is a good bench mark of how your future is going to proceed to play out.   I am constantly reminded about the fact that we are a product of those habits, thoughts, people, books we read and lessons we learn.  This is a huge learning point and I want to make sure that you fully understand the importance of our past behavior is a direct indicator of what is about to unfold before us.

Each of us is in a state of either downward spiral and decline or upward spiral to fulfillment and success.  Both are very deliberate and have a definitive path.  I do not believe that fate and luck have anything to do with which direction you are headed.   Your direction is purely a consequence of your decisions.  I’d like to take a page from your science project many years ago to bring this to the example of who decisions result in a consequence, chemically.

We all at some point in our lives have participated in one of these two experiments/science projects; the volcano eruption or the soda pop with the mint flavored candy.  Both create a really cool bi-product.   When you mix baking soda with vinegar and a little red food coloring you get….a really cool volcanic eruption.   When you  put a mint non-coated candy into a bottle of diet soda, you get a huge geyser effect.  The decision to put to things together results in a consequence of an eruption.  If you have ever been curious enough to drink a diet soda and then eat one of these candies, do you remember what your stomach felt like when the chemical reaction started to take place in the confined space of your stomach?  What you experienced was the consequence of your decision to combine two things that have a volatile result.

This is a great teaching tool for you and for those in your family, not to mention a mess to clean up.  I suggest you do this out in your yard.

How does this consequence from a science experiment relate to our topic today?  If I ask you to think of all the relationships that you have had since the beginning of the year which felt like that geyser in the confined space of your stomach, how often would you like to feel that in your life?  Not so much I think.  So reflecting on those relationships that are like this might give you pause to re-evaluate those relationships and end them and find new ones which are  uplifting and more supportive.

Think about other areas of your life where some reflection will garner a new perspective in light of our childhood science experiment.

Reflecting is a great habit to get into.  You might want to do it monthly, quarterly or yearly.  Spend time and cultivate those things in your life that lift you up and move you forward and give you fulfillment.

Let me know what you come up with.



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