Reflecting on Safety

We are continuing our exploration and reflecting of your areas of life in the context on 2011 and today we are going to look at safety.

Think back over these past 12 months and notice:  when were you less than alert to the people and places you were this year.

When were you cocky and full of yourself and not aware of what was going on around you?

What was your behavior like on your business trips this past year?

What about how you acted when you were with your childrens’ school on a field trip?

How many times did you work after dark this past year?

How many of those times did you have an escort or buddy to walk with you to your car or public transportation?

We take great care to make sure our children are safe and know who to call first and what to do in case of an emergency, but do you?

Close your eyes and tell me where your emergency contact information is in your wallet or purse right now if I had to get you help or notify someone of your accident?

Over the next few weeks of holiday celebration are you going to be in a city you are unfamiliar with?   How can you stay safe and have a wonderful time?

This is not about being paranoid and fearful of living.   This is about being very aware.

What do you do to stay safe?



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