Reflecting on Relationships

You know this time of year is especially critical in this one area of each of our lives:   our relationships.   When you reflect on all of your relationship over the past year, how did you do?

Think about either those you love most and your relationship with each one and how you are doing in January and now.   How are you doing?

What could you improve?

What would you love to do more of?

What do you absolutely want to end?

Now do the same thing for your other relationships, such as peers, friends, professional relationships, neighbors etc.  How are you doing?

What relationships do you still want to keep?

Which ones do you want to end?

Who would you like to spend more time with?

If you are married, engaged or have a steady on going relationship, look at your calendar and see how many dates/vacations/trips did you actually have with that special someone?

You now have a whole new year in which to block out the time right now and refuse to let the rest of life crowd out your relationship with those you love and cherish.

What relationships are adding real value to your life?

This area of life is the one which I think is the most important, because everything we do in life involves a relationship, even with ourselves.