Reflecting Deeper Now…

As you think back about this past year look at each month carefully and begin to write down what impacted you in any way this past year.  Simply write JANUARY and then underneath write all that stirred you in some way.


*Made resolutions to…

*Bills were higher than I remembered spending

*Bad weather increased lost work days

*Started planning summer activities

Continue on with each month, and if you have more than one calendar combine the two.

Look over the list now thoughtfully.    Next to the ones that give you a smile and a lift, draw a smiley face.

Next to the ones that gave you no pleasure and you can drop this year draw a delete mark (you know a long line through the sentence with the loop at the end)

Look at your new calendar for this upcoming year; what do you know for sure will happen?  I encourage the use of pencil here; so, write those in or on a stickie note and post them to each month where they will most likely occur.  Now if you have the power over the decision about “not doing” those things which you have the delete line through make that a resolution;   “I choose not to “xyz…..” because I gained no value or joy in doing it last year”, then I encourage you to really think twice before you say “yes” to something that actually drains you instead of energizing you.

Let’s say you are in a business where there are multiple conferences you can attend; perhaps one or more of them is a conference where you can expand your knowledge and or skill base and maybe several of these conferences is a place where you have a great deal of success in networking, and let’s say that there are still others where your primary customers are and you actually get business, where do you decide to go?

If you lack some key skills and or knowledge that’s definitely one you should attend, but not all of them.  Go to the one where you get the most for your time and money.   The other one which is a definite yes, is the one where your customers are and where you can court new customers to expand your business.  Reach out to your customers and prospects and line up those meetings and meals before their calendar gets full so you are ready to go before you get to the conference.  The rest are fluff, hype and something to do to fill your calendar.   Make wise deliberate decisions when it comes to conferences.

Almost every single working person I know and those with children in school, know already how much personal time they have and the school calendar as to vacation and in service days.   Block those out right now here at the beginning of the year.  I coach many who are working more than 16 hour days and weekends and not taking care of themselves, their family relationships and their vital necessities in life and their lives are falling apart and they wonder why.     That thinking loop of:  “…..I’m working so hard….things should be getting better….” doesn’t apply here.  It’s not the working hard that’s not working.   It is all the other people, relationships and health issues that are not being taken care of that is the problem.

This isn’t a physics problem which cannot be solved, but rather a life style way of living on a daily basis which is to lived all 365 days of this new year.

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