Redesigning Your Life

What day on your calendar is the “Red Letter Day” for “redesigning your life”?  The last time you told yourself, “Today is the day, I have got to do something different….this isn’t working!”…when was that?

For many of us it might be on our birthday as we take a millisecond to reflect on the years gone by.  For others it is “New Years Day”.    And still for others it is a moment of “Transition” when we look at that road we have walked down and reflect.   Perhaps it is you place your personal items into a box and walk from the job you have held for years and put it in the trunk.  Or as you sign Divorce papers and walk “all alone”  to the bus to ride to your new apartment.   Redesigning our lives looks and feels very different under each of these scenarios which I have just listed here.

Some of us on the other hand just roll along through life and these things do not even give us time for “pause”.   What makes these two types of people living their lives out here on this blue planet so different?

Every single one of us has many, many transitions in our lives.   I am sure that there is a list somewhere of the average number of transitions in a human beings life based on all sorts of factors, a sociology major who has done a PhD dissertation on the topic would know.   And it isn’t about the statistics is it?    No.  It is about how we feel about ourselves when we are in the throws of the redesign which is the crux of the matter.

Are you a person who has designed your life since childhood and are living out your dreams now?   These folks are few and far between.   I will say that I do know what this looks like, feels like and lives like.   I have coached clients to this dream.  I actually live in this space myself and it is a wonderful place to dwell.  That doesn’t mean that there haven’t been bumps in the road traveled, because they have been there.

Do you remember that blog before about the “Filter” or the “Glasses” that we look at our world through?   This is the same thing. The redesign is actually a changing of your filter.  

Think about it this way.   Let’s say you have always lived in the country and you have lots of “stuff” that goes along with living in a place where you have wide open space.   You have a car, patio furniture, a bar-b-cue, golf clubs, lots of furniture and a long commute every day.  At some point you get a new job in a big metropolitan city say New York City and “country living” is no longer an option.   Your have to change your FILTER big time.  Suddenly, a car, golf clubs, patio furniture and the like are a huge burden to you in a large city.   Your view of living must change in order to make your life work.  That’s an example of really redesigning your life and changing your filter.

What’s your view of life today?

What “Filter” are you using?

What would you redesign if you could do anything and their were no barriers?



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