Reclaiming Your Stability – 14 Days Until 2010

I encourage you to “Reclaim your stability” here at the end of the year when most likely, your life is at its most hectic.

You may scoff and ask:  “…how in the world am I suppose to do that, when I have a list a mile long to complete…?..”

Actually, it is quite easy.

Put you list away in a drawer.

Sit you family down at one time, on a conference call or write an email or letter and ask the following items:

1.  What is the most important thing to you about this holiday?  (Ask each member  of your family.  It doesn’t matter how small, young, old or whatever they are.  Each one has something that makes this time of year great and meaningful)

2. Who is your family does that specific thing the best or gets the most joy out of doing it?

3. Ask each person in your family what they might like to do to make this time of year special for everyone in the family.

4.  Instead of trying to cram everything into one short time period, what about doing one small thing a day.  If you have 4 members in your household, then 4 special things.  You might just find out that what they want and what’s on your list are quite different.

It is my experience that the things on the list, are the things that “we” think will make everything perfect and a great experience and feeling for this time of year.   And what it really is, is a culmination of all the things we might like to have done, or that we have heard in the media, or read in a magazine.  Let’s step back a moment here and think about this.

Before I was a wife and mother, I used to work at an advertising agency and we worked on December advertising, magazine articles in July!  We planned, set up an entire staff and team to make everything just perfect for the advertisement, photo shoot and we had lots and lots of heads, ideas, hands, strong backs and props to make the “MAGIC” happen.

The rest of us, are mere mortals who we be doing good to get the grocery list made and a box of decorations out and up.

Instead of making everyday very long, shorten the evening and go to turn in  early.

Reclaim your stability with a bath time ritual, a bedtime story to the kids and then pick up your favorite kid book and read it to yourself.

Use something soothing like lotion, music, a warm bubble bath or lavender scented fragrance on your pillow.

No TV, No Computer, No Visual Stimulation of any kind.   This messes with your brain and makes it harder to go to sleep.

This is all in your own hands!   You can reclaim your own stability before the year is out!