Reclaim Your Power!

I Want Some Of That!

Do you think that you have lost your power? If so, where did it go?  Who took it from you?  Did you give it away?

Intriguing questions all of them!

Here’s what I know; what we as women do is actually decide that we would rather have “peace” in our lives, homes, and work place instead of the strife and stress, so we decide that “whatever” it is is not worth drawing the “line in the sand” for.  Thus, we give up a tiny little bit of power.

Over time, all of those little bits turn into a woman who is in strife, under much stress and is totally unhappy….because she has given away all of her power.  Has this ever happened to you… have been pushed so far that you lash out and you decide to not take it any more and those who are observing you…..decide that:  “…Mom has lost it…..Mom is having a nervous breakdown…..”      Have you ever experienced this?  Do you know what that is an indication of?    You my dear have “trained” those around you to push until you cave and when you stand up, they attack you in another way that crushes your very spirit.

In my new book:  “EVE” Reclaim Your Power, you will learn what taking back your own power is all about.  You can have the book for FREE, you pay Shipping and Handling only and you will receive a great bonus to give you a jump start on “Reclaiming Your Power!”.

Look for the sign up box coming soon!



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