Reassessing My Mouth

Your work week is over…hooray!    Like every other human being you are leaving that cubicle behind and you are facing a 48 hour blessing of “your time”, in “your space” doing “your thing”.  Before you leave the office behind, stop a minute and ask yourself:  “What did I leave here this week that I can be proud of?”   What did I accomplish?  What did I say that uplifted and supported my peers, my work, my boss, my company in general, my attitude, and what were my words like this week?

As an observer of people, what I see is that when anything is finished, we rarely look back at it an marvel at its completion nor do we notice that we finished it completely and to the best of our ability.  We want it to be over and done with so we can move on to the next thing so that we can get it done and off our plate.  When I person does this for a decade or two what is her work ethic?  What is her process for completion?  What pride does she take in the mundane much less the complex?

In my coaching business I see both men and women who are constantly running toward nothing, but they are still running to the point of exhaustion.  When there is not defined finish line, you just keep running never reaching that ever expanding horizon in front of you.

What do you believe about yourself and where you are going?  Why do you believe that about yourself?  Whom did you model your life after?  What did that person have, say or do that made such an influence on you?  Do you really know that that influencer is aligned with what you believe?

These types of questions are rarely asked in life.  We tend to blindly just roll down the road of life not questioning much.  We begin to fall into rhythmical patterns over time and we do not know why we do, or react to certain things, only that we have always done it that way and it is comfortable.

Stop just a moment and take stock of where you are right now, and how you feel about where you are in ife, in your relationships, about your finances, in your career, own health and about your family and living environment.  Are you very happy with one or two and way off on several others?  Perhaps all of these areas are just barely limping along and in need of intensive care from someone or something.  You may be surprised that one area is great and all the rest stink..what’s that about?

The truth is that we put our time, attention, talent and money in the thing that we value most.  So what do you value most in your life?  Sometimes we are so busy “pursuing” that we forget that those other parts of our life are standing right there outside of the spotlight in the dark in desperate need of some attention.  What area of your life needs attention?

How do I do that, I am too far behind, I can never catch up?!   Yes, you can.  Your spotlight needs to be turned off and the whole room needs to be lit up so that there are no dark corners.  This is a process.  I call the process: Awareness > Growth > Freedom.  First one must be aware of what is going on and that a change is in need.  This is accomplished by actually pushing “pause” on your life.  The second step is to begin your growth process.  When you stop to really look around and see what to grow, how to grow it and the steps to get to that growth you are well on your way.  The third step is to recognize that you are now free.  Freedom is a process in and of itself, once achieved, no one wants to go back to being the slave of “being in the moment” and “being connected 24-7-365.

Are you ready?  You can sign up for my 12 week course on Awareness Growth Freedom right on this page.  It is a vote in yourself.  You will have lots of loving support from  We will talk by phone, and email.  You will love what you find out about yourself.

Are you ready?