Reality In Your Business Future

The blurring of what is actually possible in the advancement of a person in their career is a harsh reality for many.  I have often listened to a potential client who is wondering what their next step is in the climbing of the corporate ladder.

The problem seems to come when they hit the reality ceiling that this thing called success actually has gate keepers, knowledge which appears to be secret or hidden, the time table that they had in mind is not at all in alignment with what they are experiencing and so on. 

Here’s the secret……a person must actually walk, run and struggle a certain number of years and go through all the paces and jump through all the hoops and prove themselves over and over, and over again in order to advance.  Each industry is different.  Each advancement on that ladder rung has its own inherent set of steps and hoops. 

This "secret" does you absolutely no good, does it?  Why do you think that it is easy for me to give you this information?  Even though this is the absolute truth, if you do not know what the steps are, if you do not know which hoops to jump through, or what exactly proving yourself means you do not have the answer.

As a people we Americans long to be the "WINNER" with the big pay day.  That pay day takes lots of hard work.  Serious and deliberate focused planning.  If you are looking to be the President, Salesman of the Year, or perhaps a raise and advancement in position every year with what you are doing now, I suggest you get used to the view from the cubical you are currently in.  It will not change to any appreciable degree.

More your advancement and expectations on Friday.

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