Reality and Advancement

Let’s take a reality check here for a moment.  Would you please pull up on your computer your goals for the next several quarters for this year? 

Now please print that out, and pull up your 5 year plan and print that out.

I would like you to know do an evaluation or a check on how you are coming along with those plans and goals.  Where are you in the process?  

Now let’s take those plans and reevaluate and adjust and retype them and put those dates for the adjustments on your calendar.

What is the very next step that you need to take today in order to be in place tomorrow to take advantage of the next opportunity coming your way?

If you cannot do any of the items in the previous paragraphs, you are behind the 8 ball.  In order to have a real check on reality as it stands in your life right this moment and in order to advance even one small step, certain things have to be in place.

I have repeatedly shaken my head at the client who waltzs into my life and thinks that with a little bit of this and that they will just fly down the road of life picking up gold along the way.  What I find with just a couple of questions is that they consistantly have unrealistic expectations of what they can actually accomplish over a period of time.  Don’t misunderstand here.  It is their expectation at the time it takes, not that they are able to do it.  That is a huge distinction. 

What happens here is that when we begin to break down each component and the actual steps need and the time each step takes, they begin to loose interest and are off looking for the next hyped up sales thing which is going to bring them immediate wealth, advancement fame or fortune.

Do you know anyone who fits this description?

That is unfortunate, because these folks can actually  have everything that they realistically can handle at any given time on this road called life. 

Real goals need to be thought about in the context of the big picture which is your life.  Real expectations put into a real time frame must be looked at and placed in the context of those whom these decisions impact.

One of my mantras is:  you can have it all, you just can’t have it all at once.  The truth is that when someone gets it all at once, they have no foundation to handle what they are given. 

Being able to handle fame, money and success actually takes time and maturity and that happens by living one day at a time. Knowing the way the process or system works is vital to any planning or advancement.  Having someone there to mentor and help you navigate is not a luxury but a necessity.

Who do you know who is successful and weathered the storms that will mentor you?

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