Realational Cornerstone & Professional Growth

It is a professional observation that when “professional growth” is offered to employees they do one of three things.  One: is to consider it a “goof off” day and go to the event/training/seminar and only half listen, take no notes or perhaps bring a laptop and are otherwise engaged and not participating.  Two:  they attend but do not take notes and cut out early.  Three:  they use it to gain a foothold and surpass those peers in attendance.  These individuals make connection, network and make an effort to engage the speaker.

What does “Professional Growth” opportunities have to do with the “Relational Cornerstone”?  That’s a good question.  We are relational beings.  We use our relationships to get ahead, solve problems, make a sale, get the interview or whatever it is that we need to advance our career. 

Which one of the three employees attitudes described above with move ahead? 

What or who do you think it is?

Which one have you been?

I know that when I am offered the opportunity to advance my knowledge or skill set by a company, I deem it a vote of confidence in me that I am valuable and worth the investment.  Sometimes, training is mandatory for your protection and the protection of the company that you work for.

If you were to do a personal professional growth assessment of your own skills, trends in the market that you are in and with those who are your own peer in the industry; where do you come out?

What do you need to work on?  This is not a judgement statement, but rather a point of seeing realistically where you stand with those who are in competition for your job, your career and your advancement.

My challenge to you today is to assess yourself.  Then take a look at what needs to be enhanced, improved or new knowledge needs to be learned.  Next see where this training and knowledge are available to you at no cost.  Then at low cost.  Schedule this into your next quarter and into the next year.  Let your superiors know that you are forwarding thinking to improve their bottom line through your knowledge.

These are not burdens, but rather a necessity to your survival in hard and profitable economic times.