Real or Unreal?

Let me ask you a question:   If you cannot see something, does it mean that it does not exist?

I would follow that up with this:  Are there more things seen or unseen that are real?

Think about your life right now.

What do you know to be true because you can see it?

What do you know to be true and you cannot see it?

The truth is that there are more things that are not seen than seen in the world around us.

It is those unseen things which drive us crazy, to a frenzy, put us in debates that are not winnable, cause strife in our lives and send our hearts and emotions flying.

Just because we can’t see them doesn’t meant they are not there.

When you find yourself about to go off the deep end think this and ask yourself:  Is this emotion turmoil around something I can see or is it around something unseen?

If it is unseen then you need to evaluate what it is in terms of being a threat to you, a nuisance to you, a place where you have yet to form an informed opinion about or is this your default mode?

Today, be within yourself and think about these and how you are reacting to life and work.