Ready For Opportunity

Did you ever stop and think that if "you ship came in", "opportunity knocked" or that big something happens that can propel you to the heights that you always dreamed of, would you be ready?

The truth is most people are not ready to recognize, much less act on an opportunity.

How does one stand ready to recognize and act upon an opportunity?  Now there’s a great question. Here are 10 ways to be ready:

1  Know what your big picture looks like.  In other words have a big goal.

2. Have markers along the way.  By this time, I want to be here for instance.

3. Have a support team of those who are on the same quest.

4. Have a mentor or other trusted advisor who has already traveled the road.

5. Evaluate and Adjust as often as needed to keep the road clear of debris.

6. Keep a balance as much as possible in your life.

7. Maintain good physical health and eating habits.

8.  Lift up others along your way.  In other words, be a mentor to the person who is just behind by 10 years on the road.

9. Listen more than you speak.  You will learn more.

10.  Know when you are there and you have enough.

When a person knows what they are shooting for and has the support of a team and mentor they will be thoroughly suited to act on opportunity.  When one has observed good eating habits along with a healthy lifestyle and has given back to others, they are fully prepared to carry the load which is required for the opportunity.

When any one of these is not present, the opportunity can not be used to its greatest benefit to not only you, but your support team, your mentor, those you are lifting up and there will be nothing at the end  and you will be off seeking the next opportunity because this one just evaporated right out of your hand.

Are you ready?

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