Reading For Decisions

Recently I have been in a season of intense reading.  And I mean really reading.   Everything I pick up seems to be speaking to the this topic of  “DECISION”.

It’s like loving a yellow VW Bug.   You save up and buy the thing and then you see yellow VW Bugs everywhere!

Here are some things I have taken from some of the books that I have been reading lately:

*Decide to get up and try again:  case in point: James Dyson was passionate about vacuum cleaners and he failed 5,126 times before he made another decision which was the right decision.  Do you have this ability to know you know what you know and to not stop trying until you solve your big “IT”?

*Decide to stop being away from your home most of  the time.  Case in point:  if you find that your home is not nurturing and loving and is instead full of discord, anger, and strife, then you have your answer.  Say no to those outside events and activities and come back to the family table.  Be 36″ eyeball to eyeball with your children, your spouse and your extended family.   Remember when you held your child at your breast? How close were you?  How strong was that bond?  We are literally pushing away our families.

*Today, who did make a decision to lift up?   This takes a supremely unselfish act on your part.  You have to set yourself aside in order to lift up someone else.

*Life presents us with choices every single day.  We can choose to stick our head in the sand and try to ignore the pain which is in reality the choice, or we can acknowledge that we made a mistake, we over committed, we erred in a moment of exuberance, we lied, and we simply blew it big time.  To truly care about this embarrassment is to truly love and to experience loss.

* Some of our decisions are about: denial, anger, bargaining, being depressed and failure to thrive in the place we want so badly to be accepted.  Is this you?  We retreat to our home or apartment and do not engage the world for fear of rejection.  Sometimes we are angry at someone else or perhaps ourselves and we are so disgusted we cannot make a decision.  There are those of us who are perfectionist when it comes to the art of justifying our actions, and decisions in the whole bargaining arena

I will leave it there for today.  Ponder and comment.



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